Compassion Begins on Your Plate: How Plant-Based Eating Can Transform Your World

As a child, I basically ate whatever my parents decided to put in front of me. Until one day, I started questioning the choices of my parents. I was 14 years old when my dad’s side of the family all decided to be on the Atkin’s diet. I watched my dad order a beef burger without the bun, eat as much bacon and sausage as he wanted for breakfast, not eating many vegetables and completely cutting out carbs. Being someone who never particularly enjoyed eating tons of meat, I was repulsed by it. I called it the “flesh” diet. I declared I was a vegetarian and started preparing my own dinners. I didn’t really know how to be a healthy vegetarian, I just knew I didn’t want to contribute to the killing of animals. Once I researched documentaries like “Kentucky Fried Cruelty”, and saw the brutal treatment of animals in factory farms, there was no turning back. I often ate pasta drenched in garlic and olive oil, or omlettes covered in cheese. It wouldn’t be until years later that I truly would make the connection between food as medicine and vitality.

Back then I never could have imagined cutting out eggs and dairy. It took me seeing years later that it’s common practice that male chicks are ground up alive and baby calves are taken from their moms and slaughtered for veal- that there is no humane treatment of animals in any food industry. We are exploiting the most innocent beings on this planet by giving them a life of misery. This connection started making me think about energy in food and focusing on sourcing food that is “cruelty free”. If everything is energy, why would you ever want to consume a product sourced from an animal who lived in misery? It made me question how much negativity we bring into our own lives by absorbing that which we create from these tortured animals. 

It wasn’t until I started working at Whole Foods Market did I really put the idea into practice. I set out to eat the highest energy, nutrient-dense foods. I finally learned how to not only eat compassionately for the planet, but also how to eat compassionately for myself. I took E3-Live, a super nutrient-dense algae high in 65 vitamins, minerals and amino acids, every morning with my orange juice. I ate chia pods on my breaks instead of bagels and cream cheese. I often grabbed organic pink lady apples, bananas, and cashews if I was hungry. I always had Lara bars on me, and drank chia kombuchas. If I was craving cheese, I bought cashew cheese and gluten-free crackers. I replaced my morning omlettes with my now favorite dish: the tofu scramble. I often ate at the salad bar, but mixed an avocado from produce with lemon juice over my greens instead of dressing. This diet gave me so much energy I had no problem working out for a couple hours after an 8 hour shift. 

I was over 300 lbs when I first started working at Whole Foods. This change to a plant-based diet combined with regularly working out led me to drop over 90 lbs over the past year and a half. Little steps and daily decisions from the heart has led to a huge transformation in my life. It’s been less about the end goal, and more about how to make a loving decision towards myself and the planet in the moment. The weight has fallen off in the process. Every day we have choices to make. Every day we have the ability to channel love and light into every decision we make. It’s our little choices over time that lead to life-changing transformations. I truly believe compassion begins on your plate. What we decide to eat can literally transform our world: from our bodies, to our energy levels, to our environment.

The Gift of Misjudgment 

 A shift in perception can change even the darkest of circumstances. I have learned to become grateful for those who talk bad about me or falsely judge me. The truth is, you can tell a lot about another person when they accuse you of something. Accusations often reveal what the other person would do. Their projected accusations are expectations because it would be their truth in your shoes. Difficult people will show you exactly who they are if you really listen. 

Source: Spirit Science

As human beings, we tend to yearn to be liked. It makes the path a little easier, and situations a little more comfortable. However, when someone is difficult, it can actually be a gift if we change our focus from why they see you as inadequate to why they see themselves as inadequate. It saves you the grief of getting too close to someone who may treat you unkindly. When we stop trying to win the people over in our lives who aren’t meant to be there, we make room for those who truly see the best in us. Your focus on making space for those who would celebrate you instead of judge you attracts the best situations meant for you. 

Interconnectedness: Can others feel your thoughts? 

Have you ever thought about someone, then look down at your phone the next moment to see them calling you? What if your thoughts about someone sent a signal to them and vice versa? Would you try to control your thoughts? Thoughts are energy and have profound ripple effects on the material world. Material reality is connected to the energy we can’t always see and feel. 

Albert Einstein once said, “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life thinking it was stupid.” What if your judgements projected on someone else? They feel it. They start to believe your feelings as their own. What if that thought was negative? And sure enough that person you thought about starts to doubt themselves. It’s a common unseen mistake. Send people positive thoughts. It’s like that feeling you get when you first meet a person and right away you know if you like them or not, beyond how they appear on the outside. Something happens in the astral and auric plane. Information is exchanged with a thought. To be kind in your outer behaviors is one thing, but to be genuinely kind from the inside out with your thoughts continuously is another level of kindness entirely. Send love and compassion with every thought to every person you meet. It will have a profound impact on others, as well as your own life and relationships.


Label Me: The Human Condition 

Nothing ever stays the same, yet year after year so much changes that it still surprises me. We are constantly evolving, searching and experiencing. Throughout this life, we find ourselves moving in different directions, trying on new labels for ourselves, and moving on to the next. We are a child, a best friend, a student, a lover, an ex-girlfriend, a friend, a roommate, and a soulmate. We go through all of these labels, all the while exchanging experiences with other labels like teacher, boyfriend, boss, and grandma. We are constantly interacting with a sea of faces that go on swapping labels, like best-friend, coworker, and date. At the end of the day, we have a hard time looking past the labels we use to define others’ relationships to us, as well as defining ourselves.  

“Behind every atom of this world hides an infinite universe.” – Rumi

Remember, that you are a reflection of the divine. You are a part of the universe, and the universe is a part of you. You are part of all that ever is, all that ever was, and all that ever will be. We are infinite beings, experiencing a finite existence. To get caught up in the matters on the surface is to lose sight of the infinite reality that is your soul: the ghost operating and observing the three-dimensional vessel that is your body. Anything that ever took place in your life is timeless. Anyone you ever exchanged experiences with in this existence is infinitely a part of your story as you are of theirs. Being a part of a creation that is happening through us, and not just to us, is to recognize the divine in every experience you’ll ever have. The truth is, you are as infinite as the entire universe as well as a mere piece of it. As much as change appears to be a reality, there is a constant divine flow that runs through absolutely everything, as we are all a part of all of creation. The next time you catch yourself labeling anything or anyone, consider this: To label yourself as anything less than infinite is to sell yourself short. 

Experiencing a Supportive Universe


When you find the people who celebrate your quirks, and say, “me too!”, you have found people who you should strive to surround yourself with. As much as many people pride themselves as being independent, it is foolish to think it didn’t take a village to get you where you are. Whether people who were once in your life stay there or not, people come into your life for a reason. It is safe to assume you wouldn’t be the person you are today without the interactions you’ve had with other people. To think you only need yourself is short sighted. While being alone is nothing to be scared of, and something that can be empowering, there are definitely helpful people out there. You never need to go through your challenges alone.  

The people around you who get the bigger picture are those who will continue to lift you up on your journey. It is often the helpful people around us who will continue to ensure the manifestation we are creating comes to fruition. I truly believe the universe works through others to bring us messages or anything we may need. We are all co-creators of our reality. When the people around you share your vision, you are an unstoppable force. Never take someone who “gets it” for granted. 

Easter Ponderings 

“Mommy, do bunnies lay eggs?” 


 There is a reason aspects of our holiday traditions don’t make much sense. Where does the name Easter come from? How do bunnies and eggs relate to the ascension of Christ? The truth is, they don’t. 
Meet the formerly celebrated divine feminine entities for this time of year and how their influence is still present in our Christian traditions: The Goddesses of Easter .