Easter Ponderings 

“Mommy, do bunnies lay eggs?” 


 There is a reason aspects of our holiday traditions don’t make much sense. Where does the name Easter come from? How do bunnies and eggs relate to the ascension of Christ? The truth is, they don’t. 
Meet the formerly celebrated divine feminine entities for this time of year and how their influence is still present in our Christian traditions: The Goddesses of Easter .

Transformation: Following Your Inner Voice

Being brutally honest with yourself in all aspects of your life will change everything around you. Some of us don’t even realize we aren’t being true. We have been conditioned to be people-pleasing members of society. Society tends to behave in a way that will lead themselves down the path of least resistance, which ultimately means you are catering to those around you. 

When you see something you don’t like, stand up for yourself. If something stirs your passions, follow it, no matter what social costs there may be. When you are true to yourself above all else, you truly transform your life in beautiful ways. Your work becomes fun. Your connections become very deep. Your experiences become life-affirming. Never be afraid to love yourself enough to listen to your inner voice above all else. ✌️