About Julie Tour

Julie Tourangeau is an industry leading entrepreneur, bestselling author, and plant-based lifestyle blogger on a mission to help people look at the world differently. She has also held high performing leadership roles in the natural foods industry, been featured in Woman’s World Magazine, and has taught classes on meditation, veganism, and Growth Mindset.

Julie found herself on a synchronistic journey after her father passed away, where she witnessed manifested miracles both personally and professionally. She loves sharing her journey with others to synthesize abundance for all.

Julie is a systems oriented leader who cultivates synergy in business to manifest goals. She loves helping people create the space for their next big thing by using law of attraction and trusting synchronistic moments to create growth both personally and professionally. Mentality creates reality, and sometimes all you need is someone to coach you through the blocks you may be experiencing.

Julie Tourangeau; Bestselling Author, Lifestyle Blogger, Entrepreneur and Business Owner

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2 thoughts on “About Julie Tour

  1. What a journey so far, and how far you have come! I to love to work with Angels, it seems I have been drawn to them always. I am in very early learning stages but am very eager as we all can be in the beginning..You love to help and teach others, this service is what my path consists of as well. Many others of course, but I am happy to have found your blog and to have met you…((XX))

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