About Julie Tour

  Julie Tour is a 28-year-old freelance writer, blogger, vlogger, and aspiring author with a passion for all things vegan and spiritual. She left a successful corporate insurance career to follow her passions in the natural living industry and new age writing. 

Tour is a contributing writer of Three Lions Media and writes under the alias “Angel Eyes”. She is currently working on her first book, which is about recognizing signs from heaven and how consciousness survives physical death. Her story chronicles very curious synchronistic encounters after her father passed away. She found herself in a series of very unlikely coincidental circumstances that proved beyond resonable doubt that all living beings are connected to a divine energy. Her focus is to share her curious synchronistic encounters with the world, showing how a higher power has become tangible in her life with hopes it will also become an everyday reality for her readers. Her emphasis on living a compassionate life from your diet to everyday behaviors she believes is key to inviting health, abundance, and synchronicities into everyday life. 

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2 thoughts on “About Julie Tour

  1. What a journey so far, and how far you have come! I to love to work with Angels, it seems I have been drawn to them always. I am in very early learning stages but am very eager as we all can be in the beginning..You love to help and teach others, this service is what my path consists of as well. Many others of course, but I am happy to have found your blog and to have met you…((XX))

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