The Gift of Misjudgment 

 A shift in perception can change even the darkest of circumstances. I have learned to become grateful for those who talk bad about me or falsely judge me. The truth is, you can tell a lot about another person when they accuse you of something. Accusations often reveal what the other person would do. Their projected accusations are expectations because it would be their truth in your shoes. Difficult people will show you exactly who they are if you really listen. 

Source: Spirit Science

As human beings, we tend to yearn to be liked. It makes the path a little easier, and situations a little more comfortable. However, when someone is difficult, it can actually be a gift if we change our focus from why they see you as inadequate to why they see themselves as inadequate. It saves you the grief of getting too close to someone who may treat you unkindly. When we stop trying to win the people over in our lives who aren’t meant to be there, we make room for those who truly see the best in us. Your focus on making space for those who would celebrate you instead of judge you attracts the best situations meant for you. 

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