Ending Narcissism: Loving Yourself from the Heart

Being someone who recently loss 60 lbs, I have no attachment to how my body looks. I am focusing on being healthy and practicing self love by devoting time to taking care of myself, but I am in no way attached to my appearance. Appearances are just that… Appearances. And appearances are not always what they seem. They are illusions, at best. Having attachment to your own appearance or the appearance of others is an illusion of love. Your self-worth can’t be measured by your quality of selfie. It’s only when you get passed the casing and view the soul within that you are truly connecting on a spiritual, intimate level. 

It isn’t until we look within ourselves and truly explore the depths of our souls that we can even begin to understand what unconditional love for the self means. Practicing self love is also embracing complete acceptance of all facets of you. Accept any perceived short-comings and weaknesses. Accept any unflattering pictures. Accept any perceived triumphs and losses. Accept the way you look like when you wake up in the morning. Accept yourself at both your heaviest, and your lightest. Because at the end of the day, it’s all you. 

Have no attachment to the way your appearance shows up everyday. The only constant is the soul within. Fall in love with who you are on the inside, and prepare to wake up everyday happy to be you. When you can finally view yourself through the lens of unconditional love, you have given yourself the tool to share this same unconditional love with someone else. 

When we are so conditioned to project confidence and self love by an image, we are completely missing the point. There is a key difference between narcissism and a true self-loving nature. Love is an all-encompassing, all-accepting warm energy of the universe. It isn’t until we can let go of any ego-centric beliefs on the projection of self love that we can truly experience a heart-centered, unconditional loving of the self.  

Winter Solstice: Facing Darkness

Wishing you blessings on this Winter Solstice! Today is all about facing darkness, the shadow parts of our souls. As we illuminate darkness, we heal the world. We teach ourselves to shine our lights without fear. See how the unicorn brings light to the dark and cold. She always has the light shining from within her, come what may. 

Egyptians believed a dark night of the soul to be a right of passage. They would confine themselves in darkness for days. Some would die of fright while others would emerge brighter than ever after overcoming their fears. Shadows are also blessings and are meant to teach you about yourself and the world. Wisdom is earned when facing darkness. Keep your sight on the light, even on the darkest of days. Facing, forgiving, and releasing the dark parts of you will only help you shine your light brighter than ever. 

Experiencing Lack? 

Always remember that we live in an abundant universe. You can literally attract abundance just by matching the frequency of abundance. 

Experiencing lack? Lower energy emotions such as jealousy may be keeping you from experiencing abundance. Jealousy stems from the deep seeded belief that you can never have what someone else has. 

Remember that you can manifest anything. You, star child, are a magnificent creator, and there is an infinite amount of opportunities to be shared on this planet. Let go of any beliefs in lack. Be grateful that your abundance is already here in infinite supply, and so it is. 🙌🏼✨ 

The Gift of a Life Shift

If there is one thing you can expect in life, it is the unexpected. Things that you don’t expect are often sent to you to shift your life to where it’s meant to go. Embrace any unexpected change and you’ll find that things come to you at the perfect time. Be wary of any attachment to any vision you have of the future. The biggest favor you can do for yourself amidst a major shift of your life is to relinquish control to the universe. This may seem difficult to do at first, but surrendering and letting go of any fears surrounding change is key to working with the universe to manifest positive outcomes in your favor. 

A shift is a gift that is meant to help you grow and to experience things that will help you along your journey. Sometimes our lives are meant to be shaken, rearranged, and adjusted to bring us to decisions we need to make and places we need to be. Once the dust settles, it becomes easier to see the blessings you otherwise wouldn’t have experienced without a shift in your world. Life has a way of working itself out. Shift happens, and when it does, enjoy the wonderful, synchronistic ride. 

Have You Met You? 

When looking at a human being from a higher perspective, our natural state is love and light in spiritual truth. Darkness only comes from the free will choices away from the light. Looking at someone through the eyes of compassion, we can see that there is nothing you could ever do to condemn your divine birth right as a spiritual being of light and love. With this in mind, we understand that your soul is nothing less than a part of the divine. 

Romantic love is an expression of the love within your soul shared with another human being. Everyone has the potential to love because that is who we are in spiritual truth. To be afraid of love is to be afraid of yourself. I’ve been told to love someone is to be brave. To love is to risk your heart being broken. I disagree. To avoid love is to dim your heart chakra, and to repress the very essence of who you are. To inhibit your natural state of being is nothing less than to avoid meeting yourself. It is way more painful to repress your natural essence for any portion of your life than to love and lose. Also, when two people stay connected to the love within them, the struggle for romantic love ceases. There is no unbalanced demand between partners because love is shared.  

With this logic in mind, it is easy to see that people can only meet you as deeply as they’ve met themselves. If others are fearful of expressing love, essentially expressing who they are in spiritual truth, they will not be able to connect with you deeply. If they haven’t met who they are, a deeply loving spiritual being, then they will likely have a difficult time connecting in such a balanced, healthy way.

Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you can see the divine love in someone before they can see it themselves, it’s okay to let them go. Wish them well, give them time, and let them meet themselves. In the meantime, know that love already exists within you. You don’t need any external being to express what was given to you by divine right. You are an amazing spiritual being of love. Never forget your truth.