When the Unthinkable Happens: 5 Lessons from the Afterlife 

Hearing about the death of a family member has triggered some deep reflection today. I think back to losing my dad, and how painful the funeral and family drama really was for me and my sibling. Dealing with a close death was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through, and I did it at such a young age. At the same time, it has taught me so much more about myself, existence, and divine timing than I could have ever imagined. It’s easy when something traumatic happens in this third dimensional reality to focus on the physical absence. What’s beautiful has been to see my dad reach out to us through undeniable signs, famous mediums, and not-so-famous intuitives during the passed eight years. I chronicle these life changing experiences in my upcoming book. 

There are a few life and afterlife lessons I have learned definitively that I want to share with those who are grieving today: 

1. Death is completely physical. Consciousness survives the physical death of the body. I received confirmation upon confirmation of this fact. One of the most hair raising moments was when it sounded like my dad’s voice and personality was literally coming through Theresa Caputo, TLC’s The Long Island Medium. Furthermore, modern science is also explaining death is an illusion through quantum physics. 

2. While no one ever really dies, their perspective changes to a metaphysical perspective. They no longer see existence from this third dimensional, human experience. Having this new bird’s eye view enables our loved ones to watch over us and work with angels to bring us signs, serving a new purpose in our lives as guardian angels. 

3. No matter how abrupt or untimely the death of someone seems, all death is on divine time. Awakening to this fact requires faith and trust. Like all experiences in life, we have the free will choice to let the experience tear us apart or make us stronger than ever. Making positive interpretations of death brings us to the highest perspective, inviting the miraculous into our lives. 

4. Speaking with our deceased loved ones is only a mental phone call away. While I didn’t always get an immediate reply, my dad always heard me and found ways to answer my questions. Know that they do see us, hear us, and know what we are going through. 

5. Our loved ones find their loved ones who have passed on the other side. No one is ever really alone and separation is an illusion. One of the first things my dad let me know is that he found his brother, which I wrote about how I came to know this years ago in my blog post “All Gays Go to Heaven“. 

These lessons have been learned through a lot of tears, and a lot of healing. My heart goes out to everyone going through losing a loved one. My intention is to share my experiences with the hope it brings comfort to those who feel lost. No one ever really dies, and death is not the end, just a doorway. We all eventually walk through that door. Love shared is eternal, and you will meet again. 

Let Go and Let it Flow

Many of us have things we greatly want to manifest in our lives. Desire is healthy. I truly feel our desires and passions lead us to our life purpose. What is not healthy is worrying about how these things we want are going to manifest. What if I told you that worrying is a self-fulfilling prophecy? Worry actually gives energy to the very things we don’t want. While you are sitting there worrying about worrying now, I should add that positive, light-filled thoughts hold the highest manifestation power, whereas fear-based thoughts manifest more slowly. This is a law of higher science. If you think about love being the higher vibrating energy emitted, you can visualize how it would move faster than something created with a lower-vibrating, fear-based thought.

One of the most powerful manifestation tools I have learned on my journey is what I call “intend and let go”. When you have an overall intent to manifest something in your life, the universe will send you guidance if you let it go and ask for support. The old saying “Let go and let God” comes to mind. Anything that you want and worry about you can choose to let go. When you focus on something so intensely, that energy can sometimes block your manifestation. When we stew over something, we sometimes tend to focus on the lack of a manifestation and in turn manifest more lack. It is better so spend a few mindful moments visualizing what you want to attract in your life and giving it to the universe. Ask for signs regarding it. These signs will give you momentum to make choices that bring you closer to your desire. When we let the universe guide us, synchronicities find us. 

Carl Jung coined the term “synchronicity” for the meaningful coincidences that seem to align the world around us in a divinely guided way. Synchronicity is a way a spiritual and universal intelligence constantly tries to teach us, reach us, and share love, guidance, and support. Meaningful coincidences can be anything from numerology, to events, to other people. Timing of a meaningful coincidence can make your hair stand straight on end. When synchronicity finds you, you undoubtedly feel the presence of a divine hand reaching out to you from all directions of time.

When you let go, you let these experiences flow your way to your answered prayers. You may not always know where you are going, but that’s where trust and faith come in. Worrying is an indication of a lack of faith. It’s amazing how things work themselves out when we finally release our tightened grip. Whatever you worry about, let it go and let the world flow.