Experiencing a Supportive Universe


When you find the people who celebrate your quirks, and say, “me too!”, you have found people who you should strive to surround yourself with. As much as many people pride themselves as being independent, it is foolish to think it didn’t take a village to get you where you are. Whether people who were once in your life stay there or not, people come into your life for a reason. It is safe to assume you wouldn’t be the person you are today without the interactions you’ve had with other people. To think you only need yourself is short sighted. While being alone is nothing to be scared of, and something that can be empowering, there are definitely helpful people out there. You never need to go through your challenges alone.  

The people around you who get the bigger picture are those who will continue to lift you up on your journey. It is often the helpful people around us who will continue to ensure the manifestation we are creating comes to fruition. I truly believe the universe works through others to bring us messages or anything we may need. We are all co-creators of our reality. When the people around you share your vision, you are an unstoppable force. Never take someone who “gets it” for granted. 

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