Julie Tour Discusses 5 Simple Steps to Develop Psychic Awareness

My passion is to help people develop their own psychic abilities, re-establishing a personal connection to the divine. If you have not yet had a spiritual experience, it is more than likely your lifestyle keeping you in a certain consciousness. My journey is not the only possible journey, but I have definitely picked up a few things that have tremendously helped my intuition and psychic experiences along the way that I would like to share with you. Please feel free to post any feedback, questions, or tips you have picked up yourself while developing your intuition. Namaste xo.

4 thoughts on “Julie Tour Discusses 5 Simple Steps to Develop Psychic Awareness

  1. Hi Julie! Nice to see you live. Your teeth are beautiful!!! I use Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste, Ginger flavor. I can’t stand mint flavored dental products! I agree with everything you said and implement most of them in my life. I pray for a reverse osmosis system in my home. I am going to share your vlog post on my Mariposa Evolution FB page.
    Have a beautiful Weekend,
    Jennifer Perry

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