Affirmation 1/9/14


This affirmation helped me out immensely so I thought I’d share. We may not even be consciously aware that we often guard ourselves from experiencing the truth for protection. Sometimes it seems easier to take the road of least resistance. Sometimes it may feel easier to go along with the status quo even though your inner lie detector is going off. I find that seeing the underlying truth in every situation is key to protecting yourself. Putting on your blinders is a mask. The only person you are betraying when you wear a mask is yourself.

Seeing the truth in every situation gives you clear guidance on what changes you need to make in your life. Human beings love to be comfortable and may shy away from acknowledging a truth, but seeing an uncomfortable truth and dealing with it will bring you a greater joy and peace to your life. Friendships that aren’t founded in integrity will be dismissed. Career choices that are out of alignment with who you are will be changed. Any seemingly problems in your relationships will be healed. Habits that do not help you with your life purpose will be dropped. There is beauty in facing the truth, no matter how uncomfortable you may initially feel. Let go.

Manifesting the Life You Want

One of the most bizarre experiences of my life was waking up and realizing that the life I was living was for others and not me. Casting my pride aside, I took a very honest look at the career, school, and material choices I had made. Taking inventory of the path you have taken is a good way to further your spiritual growth. Being honest about where you are now is the best way to further your journey.

I found that there are two voices you can choose to listen to you when making a decision. The first is an empowering, encouraging, and unconditionally loving voice of your higher self that encourages to follow your heart. The second is the nagging, judgmental, constricting voice of… your mother. Sometimes this is labeled as the “ego” but the more I peel back the layers of my own ego, the more I realize where this naysayer is coming from.

Parents have a way of influencing us in our decision making well after they’re gone. They often shared with you what they learned out of love so this post is not to blame. The point is to recognize how to tell the difference between programming and your higher self. Parents teach you how to love, but they also teach you how to fear. The first step to manifesting the life you want is to recognize where your limiting beliefs stem from so you can recognize them and overcome them.

As the new year approaches, try to go on a negativity diet. Overcoming the self sabotaging thoughts is key to attracting the life you want. If you are constantly doubting your dreams, the universe is not going to respond favorably. Belief is half the battle. Once you reprogram your thought processes, action steps should be taken as you feel guided. Even a small baby step a day towards your dreams can move mountains. Notice doors opening for you that previously seemed locked. You may surprise yourself.

Consciousness in an Acorn


I was driving the other day near my house and came across a road called “Lonesome Oak.” I started thinking about human beings’ tendency to project human emotions on nature (which we so often do). Many in our society view Oak as the loneliest tree. I grew up attending a small school in the country and know from my schooling there that Oak trees have to have enough space in the soil for their complicated root systems. Other trees cannot be planted next to an Oak if you want it to be healthy. It never dawned on me as a child that the Oak is a lonely tree. The tree receives all the nourishment it needs from it’s personal sources: the Earth below and the Sun above. It does not need tree companions to do what it is in existence to do: grow. However, I can see from a very physical perspective how an Oak could look lonely to the untrained eye because the tree is often alone from other trees.

Consciousness can essentially be explained in an acorn. Humans can be viewed like an Oak tree. From a physical perspective, human beings could look very lonely on their own. Many people who live an unconscious life actually become scared to be physically alone since they cannot see beyond the physical veil. Like the roots of an Oak tree into the Earth, our minds are connected to infinite energy and consciousness. We can harness energy and knowledge from the source without needing to take the energy and resources from our peers. Like the Oak tree, the natural state of consciousness is to grow and expand. If an Oak tree decided to be planted next to another Oak tree, both Oak would experience less than prime health. When we lean on our fellow men instead of the one true source within us, our understanding becomes limited. We can do this on our own. We do not need a priest, a temple, a guru friend, or any external guidance. Living a conscious, healthy, and positive life can plant future acorns of peace for future generations of Oak Trees to grow big and strong.

Since all human conflict arises out of the appearance of lack, take a moment to imagine a world where everybody had enough abundance to go around because of the eternal and personal connection to source. Looks pretty amazing, right? Some say it would be chaos without the man made rules we impose on ourselves, but those in the know understand that reestablishing a personal connection to the divine source diminishes any seeming conflict. Abundance for all is within our reach. It is our challenge this life to bring peace to a world who is just beginning to understand what true abundance looks like. Peace on Earth is not only very possible, but completely attainable for everyone.