Affirmation 1/9/14


This affirmation helped me out immensely so I thought I’d share. We may not even be consciously aware that we often guard ourselves from experiencing the truth for protection. Sometimes it seems easier to take the road of least resistance. Sometimes it may feel easier to go along with the status quo even though your inner lie detector is going off. I find that seeing the underlying truth in every situation is key to protecting yourself. Putting on your blinders is a mask. The only person you are betraying when you wear a mask is yourself.

Seeing the truth in every situation gives you clear guidance on what changes you need to make in your life. Human beings love to be comfortable and may shy away from acknowledging a truth, but seeing an uncomfortable truth and dealing with it will bring you a greater joy and peace to your life. Friendships that aren’t founded in integrity will be dismissed. Career choices that are out of alignment with who you are will be changed. Any seemingly problems in your relationships will be healed. Habits that do not help you with your life purpose will be dropped. There is beauty in facing the truth, no matter how uncomfortable you may initially feel. Let go.

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