Winter Solstice: Facing Darkness

Wishing you blessings on this Winter Solstice! Today is all about facing darkness, the shadow parts of our souls. As we illuminate darkness, we heal the world. We teach ourselves to shine our lights without fear. See how the unicorn brings light to the dark and cold. She always has the light shining from within her, come what may. 

Egyptians believed a dark night of the soul to be a right of passage. They would confine themselves in darkness for days. Some would die of fright while others would emerge brighter than ever after overcoming their fears. Shadows are also blessings and are meant to teach you about yourself and the world. Wisdom is earned when facing darkness. Keep your sight on the light, even on the darkest of days. Facing, forgiving, and releasing the dark parts of you will only help you shine your light brighter than ever. 

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