Have You Met You? 

When looking at a human being from a higher perspective, our natural state is love and light in spiritual truth. Darkness only comes from the free will choices away from the light. Looking at someone through the eyes of compassion, we can see that there is nothing you could ever do to condemn your divine birth right as a spiritual being of light and love. With this in mind, we understand that your soul is nothing less than a part of the divine. 

Romantic love is an expression of the love within your soul shared with another human being. Everyone has the potential to love because that is who we are in spiritual truth. To be afraid of love is to be afraid of yourself. I’ve been told to love someone is to be brave. To love is to risk your heart being broken. I disagree. To avoid love is to dim your heart chakra, and to repress the very essence of who you are. To inhibit your natural state of being is nothing less than to avoid meeting yourself. It is way more painful to repress your natural essence for any portion of your life than to love and lose. Also, when two people stay connected to the love within them, the struggle for romantic love ceases. There is no unbalanced demand between partners because love is shared.  

With this logic in mind, it is easy to see that people can only meet you as deeply as they’ve met themselves. If others are fearful of expressing love, essentially expressing who they are in spiritual truth, they will not be able to connect with you deeply. If they haven’t met who they are, a deeply loving spiritual being, then they will likely have a difficult time connecting in such a balanced, healthy way.

Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you can see the divine love in someone before they can see it themselves, it’s okay to let them go. Wish them well, give them time, and let them meet themselves. In the meantime, know that love already exists within you. You don’t need any external being to express what was given to you by divine right. You are an amazing spiritual being of love. Never forget your truth. 

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