Ending Narcissism: Loving Yourself from the Heart

Being someone who recently loss 60 lbs, I have no attachment to how my body looks. I am focusing on being healthy and practicing self love by devoting time to taking care of myself, but I am in no way attached to my appearance. Appearances are just that… Appearances. And appearances are not always what they seem. They are illusions, at best. Having attachment to your own appearance or the appearance of others is an illusion of love. Your self-worth can’t be measured by your quality of selfie. It’s only when you get passed the casing and view the soul within that you are truly connecting on a spiritual, intimate level. 

It isn’t until we look within ourselves and truly explore the depths of our souls that we can even begin to understand what unconditional love for the self means. Practicing self love is also embracing complete acceptance of all facets of you. Accept any perceived short-comings and weaknesses. Accept any unflattering pictures. Accept any perceived triumphs and losses. Accept the way you look like when you wake up in the morning. Accept yourself at both your heaviest, and your lightest. Because at the end of the day, it’s all you. 

Have no attachment to the way your appearance shows up everyday. The only constant is the soul within. Fall in love with who you are on the inside, and prepare to wake up everyday happy to be you. When you can finally view yourself through the lens of unconditional love, you have given yourself the tool to share this same unconditional love with someone else. 

When we are so conditioned to project confidence and self love by an image, we are completely missing the point. There is a key difference between narcissism and a true self-loving nature. Love is an all-encompassing, all-accepting warm energy of the universe. It isn’t until we can let go of any ego-centric beliefs on the projection of self love that we can truly experience a heart-centered, unconditional loving of the self.  

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