Ancient Wisdom for Modern Problem Solving

All at once, the world may seem like its spinning out of control and may be overwhelming for the singular human being. Behavior patterns in society must be changed for the betterment of the planet. Thomas Jefferson put goal setting so wisely when he said “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” The old paradigms of ego-centric thinking are no longer working for us. A shift from competition-thinking, greed, pride, control, and jealousy must be changed to compassion, generosity, self-respect, philanthropy, and a genuine love for all.

Looking at the overall agendas and themes of humanity can help to make sense out of the appearance of chaos. Genuinely, humans desire stability and peacefulness. Peace on Earth is the major goal for our race. Many people have different ideas of what a Utopia on Earth would look like, consequently everyone has different ideas on how to get there. There are general goals that are common for the average human being to want out of life, and the answers for these goals can be found in our ancient wisdom. 


Bringing forward Ancient Wisdom can solve our current Earthly problems and help us reach our goals as a planet:

Abundance- People often desire to accumulate wealth. Wealth is not only monetary, but can be a wealth of knowledge, leisurely-time, and loving people in your life. The higher dimensions do not use money because everyone is sharing their resources, and manifesting what they need. In our recent history, human thinking believes in scarcity, meaning that there is not enough to go around. Many people hold the false belief that people profit at other people’s misfortune. This may have been true in recent events due to greed and a lust for power by many financial and political leaders. Looking at the hermetic teaching “As above, so below”, we understand that the laws of the universe are true in higher dimensions as it is here on Earth. Abundance is truly possible for all if we share this planet, and care for those who are hungry and sick. We can manifest our own wealth ethically, and use our resources to help the Earth in divine ways, like restoring nature, or helping the needy.

Perfect Health- Could you imagine a world where disease no longer exists? Could you imagine a world where medicine is all-natural and free? There are many natural alternatives to curing cancers. One of my good friend’s moms cured her cancer by consuming a plant-based diet and completely using natural remedies, while doctors told her she needed to start chemotherapy immediately and that her cancer was terminal and inoperable. There are countless stories of many terminal illnesses being healed through a holistic approach. Why is it that mainstream belief is that being diagnosed with a terminal illness cannot be reversed? Pharmaceutical companies profit billions of dollars from diseases like cancer. Whenever there is a misguided notion, follow the money to understand the agenda. As someone who lost a parent at a young age to cancer, this is outrageous to me. My dad took the traditional route and lost his battle within 6 months. I talk to everyone I know about alternative and holistic medicine. Knowledge is power. Ancient teachings as well as recent studies show that the mind can also heal the body. The countless placebo studies show that we have the power to heal our bodies from disease.

Energy- Could you imagine a world where energy is free? There has been countless stories of labs being destroyed that have found free energy. Scientists have been persecuted and sometimes even murdered over the discovery of free energy. For a reference, please watch the documentary “The Thrive Movement”, which is now free on YouTube. This eye-opening documentary shows the secret history of energy that governments do not teach in schools. Nikola Tesla is someone that I find fascinating. Many people have heard of Thomas Edison, but not many know of the scientist who claims his work was stolen. Tesla wanted energy to be free, while Edison’s design promoted the system we have today. This system keeps us in perpetual serfdom, working to keep our homes warm and our electricity on. Imagine a world where energy was available to everyone. “I don’t care that they stole my idea. I care that they don’t have any of their own” – Nikola Tesla
Teaching the ancient wisdom of the merkaba would also eliminate our need for gasoline. I first learned about travel using the energy from the body from “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life” by Drunvalo Melchizedek. The merkaba is also discussed in “The Thrive Movement” documentary. Harnessing this energy can move you anywhere in time and space. Gasoline would be free and unnecessary for travel. Think of all of the wars over gasoline. All of this would be solved in a highly-developed spiritual society.


Perfect Control- Earthly conflicts tend to stem from the need to feel in control. In our more recent history, control stems from the expense of other human beings, which has created conflict. Looking at our ancient wisdom, our divine heritage tells us that we are in perfect control of our own lives. Imagine a world where the need to control others for our agendas would be unnecessary. Through manifesting our personal desires to satisfy our needs in life, everyone would look inward for feeling in control of our lives instead of needing to control others out of insecurity. Wars would be a thing of the past.


We truly have a long way to go as a planet, but you have to start somewhere. The smallest lifestyle and behavioral changes add up to huge transformations over time. To turn this planet around, it truly has to start on the individual level.  I will leave you with the wise words of Rumi. “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

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