New Video Blog: Separation is an Illusion

Julie Tour is a spiritual author and blogger who discusses her experiences with psychics and mediums that are chronicled in her upcoming book anticipated by the end of 2014. Tour believes that physical separation is an illusion in spiritual truth. Channeling and speaking with loved ones is only a mental phone call away. From her own psychic experiences, to messages from others, Tour discusses how tangible signs and chance meetings have aided in communication with her Dad who passed in 2008.

Not every psychic is a medium. A medium is someone who can channel people from beyond the grave. After her Dad passed away, Tour found herself on a journey to spiritual understanding. During that time, she received messages from many famous psychics, some by chance. Her Dad successfully came through on multiple occasions in front of an audience full of people. She discusses lessons learned, and recognizing signs and messages from her Dad in heaven.

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