Choose Happiness, Choose Heaven


Happiness is a lot closer than many believe. Many of us have been programmed to believe from birth that we need certain goals and wants met before we can find happiness. The very principle behind the American dream, the pursuit of happiness, implies that happiness is something outside of ourselves. I find that thinking completely backwards. Through years of being a high achiever with the inner narrative of always putting my happiness in the future, I have found myself happiest lately when I slow down and make a conscious effort to be in a better state of mind. Happiness is a conscious choice. When you think about the big picture, so big that you are thinking outside your immediate reality, you can always find a reason to be happy. I’m not claiming it is the easy choice by any means. Sometimes the easy thing to do is to complain. Sometimes things seem so difficult on the outside, happiness seems impossible. Letting your mind put conditions on that feeling is what leads many good people to feel depressed, anxiety, jealousy, or sadness. Your natural state is to feel happy and whole. The key to happiness is to not attach your happiness to conditions and to just be.

The term “word vomit” from the 2004 movie “Mean Girls” is extremely interesting to me on an energetic level. I’m a girl who was in high school in the early millennium so before you judge me, keep in mind that you can find spiritual concepts ANYWHERE because God is EVERYWHERE. It’s all about perspective. “Word vomit” is real and is a term used when the main character found herself bad mouthing other people through habit and conforming to the people around her. Energetically, if you are around a bunch of naysayers, complainers, or haters, you may find yourself speaking the same types of low energy words that keep you in the same mentality. You really have to continuously rise above everything coming at you that can disturb your peace. I’m finding myself not answering my phone as much, not because I don’t love my friends, but because talking on the phone for an hour about someone else’s drama is draining, and at the end of it, you may find yourself repeating the same types of mindless “word vomit”. Any time I find myself in that position, I always forgive the other person even if I chose to not be close with them because of the way they made me feel. I find many people who I once considered “draining” are acutely unaware to the energy they are emitting so compassion is key for your own happiness.

Words all vibrate at their own frequency. Every word has an energy associated with it. Countless studies have proven this from speaking certain words to different plants and seeing which ones thrive or have difficulty, to speaking certain words to water about to freeze over as ice and seeing how the patterns developed. These studies are truly amazing if you consider the implications (Dr. Emoto’s Water Molecule Studies ) . If you knew everything you thought or talked about had a profound impact on your experience here, how would you change your communication? I don’t sprout rainbows and sunshine because I have had an easy life… I have made a conscious decision to not let whatever life throws my way affect my inner peace. I pray that everyone finds that place and decide for themselves that life is too beautiful to drown out your own personal heaven on Earth experience.

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