You, too, can overcome the pain and grief of losing your parent.

Losing your mom or dad is one of the hardest things to go through at any age. Sometimes the pain burns so badly that your life seems to go up in smoke. The family drama, the financial hardship, and the abandonment that can be felt in death’s wake is often heart-wrenching and paralyzing. Imagine the peace of finally being able to move on with your life even though your loved one is no longer here.

Author Julie Tourangeau lost her dad at a young age, and simultaneously lost her inheritance and familial support system. She synthesizes the lessons gained from overcoming the death of her dad into a guide for her readers to help them move on from grief and find their way back to passion and purpose.

In Free Yourself from Grief: The Secret to Moving on with Life after the Death of a Parent, you will learn:

  • How even the direst of circumstances can be a new beginning
  • That your loved ones never really leave you
  • That speaking with your deceased loved ones is only a mental phone call away
  • How to recognize signs from Heaven in your daily life
  • That your loved ones find their loved ones on the other side
  • To trust the timing of your life, and your loved one’s life, no matter how sudden death may seem
  • How to make the unthinkable a part of your success story
  • How to overcome seemingly impossible circumstances

Grab your copy today to start lifting the weight off of your heart. You, too, can overcome this.

For a limited time today, my book is free today WITHOUT signing up for a subscription to Kindle.

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